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Super Yacht Industry

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The Super Yacht Industry is a major website from the Netherlands. They also own a major business to business magazine that is known internationally. The publishers are Yellow & Finch and they publish for the international Super Yacht Society. Yellow & Finch are one of the Netherlands leading publishing houses. They specifically work with maritime trade journals. These trade journals cover ship building all over the world. There is also information about off shore industries and international Super Yachts.

Ship Building Industry.
Some of the targets of their trade journal are the naval architects, suppliers, designers, and ship builders. Two of the main targets of the Super Yacht trade journal are the charter companies and crew agencies. The Ship Building Industry provides useful information on new and innovative designs and products from the high end market today and day. There is also useful reviews and recent news from all over the world. The new developments in Ship Building are vital to the consumers of the trade journal also.

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