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A Hamilton superyacht

A Hamilton superyacht
Some interesting facts about a Super Yacht

Think of a Hamilton superyacht and you will most probably picture an expensive huge vessel fitted with luxurious interiors and sailing on a vast ocean. And you are definitely not wrong on that count!

Super yachts are usually quite long, with their length exceeding 150 feet and may cost millions. With hefty price tags, a Hamilton superyacht is often referred to as luxury yacht. What a huge understatement!

Superyacht gained popularity in early 1900s, when luxury boats such as 408 feet Savarona and 325 feet Christina were constructed. However, the economic difficulties in the 1920s led to the sharp drop in the demand for these luxury vessels. But with economic prosperity after 1950’s the market has once again revived and is now thriving across the world.

As Hamilton superyacht is a huge vessel, it is not just used by the owners or friends, but is also chartered by all those who are interested in sailing on the blue waters at high seas. The luxury yacht is replete with all the facilities, professional crew and other support staff. Such yachts can command huge fees, and for many it may cross over $35000 a week of charter. About third of this amount is spent on food, berthing cost and fuel. The crew bonus is also added to this figure.

A Hamilton superyacht has three decks, a main deck that is quite big in size, then there is an upper deck and a lower small deck. Still bigger vessels have even five or six decks. Many superyachts also have sun deck. They have adequate provision of cabins for the onboard guests and also has separate quarters for the yacht captain and the supporting crew. These cabins are equipped with in-suite bathrooms with showers. Due to its huge size, these crafts have a sufficient space for salon, steam room, Jacuzzi, gym, dining room, cinema and what no. Sometimes, even a second dining room is also available on some superyachts and may also include a library and reading room.

Lastly, there are many mega or even giga yachts that have some innovative additions. They can have indoor swimming pools, helicopter hangars and even mini markets!

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