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CRYSTAL, the first boat with 200 carats of diamonds inside

CRYSTAL, the first boat with 200 carats of diamonds inside
The concept Design structured by the geometry of the crystal (reference to the name of the vessel). Designed a new skin - shell-which embraces the existing vessel following the contours, but also shaping the overall volume. This new skin is composed of a semi perforated structure that follows the geometry of the crystal.
These new sections of the vessel are illuminated with fiber optics so at night it appears as if hovering the upper part where we find two floodlit wings( wings with lights ).

The casing leaves open the visual field in front of the passengers and to the side. The transparent elements accordingly to the intensity of sunshine, browned (special glass surfaces) to protect from the sun the luxurious interior of the vessel. We might even say that it is sun-energy for photovoltaic solar energy which gives more power to the boat.

The upper casing of the boat will receive the highest number of interventions due to the hydrodynamic characteristics of the lower portion should be kept intact. With this logic a set of ribs, convex (cushions) and concave portions Biomimetic logic spread to upper housing organizing the structure at both surface (skin), and at the level functions (cab cab, front deck-pads, etc). In this way an overall structure which presents morphological interest, and includes different qualities and materials slides through a single logic sculpture.


Lengh : 31' (9.5 mt)
Beam : 9'4" (2.85 mt)
Max Height From Keel : 5'3" (1,60 mt)
Number of Passengers Allowed : 4
Homologation Category : Pleasure C
Weight Full Loaded : 5,500 LBS (2,5 t)
Draft : 1'3" (0.38 mt)
Reservoir : 2 x 53 GALLONS (US) (2 x 200 l)
Recommended engines : V-6 Outboards
Pleasure : Twin 350 hp
Electric Command : provide with the engines
Hydraulic direction

Construction Material : vacuum-bagged epoxy resins (high quality laminate). CE marking.
The SPIRE® powerboat has been developed and designed using the most advanced 3D CAD
softwares to take advantage of CAM tooling manufacturing process.



Marianna HOLOWAY is a talented American creator graduated with a master
of architecture at the New York Institute of Technology : A reference:..

This famous university, which was well known in 3D imaging, is also very famous
at the international level for its department Structure and Design.

Marianna has specialized in architectural and industrial design part of the practice

She has designed Hotels, Restaurants Cafes, Clubs, Stores, Casinos....around the
world (Athènes, Las Vegas....)

The work of Marianna HOLOWAY is known for its constant search for new forms
and mateirals from which emanate modern and familiar constructions

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