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Super Luxury Yacht

Super Luxury Yacht

A super luxury yacht is also referred to as a luxury yacht and can be described as a yacht that is privately owned and very expensive. For a yacht to be considered as a super yacht, it has to have a length exceeding twenty four meters with some measuring up to fifty meters. Super yachts are mainly divided into two classes which are described as motor or sailing yachts. Some super yachts are a hybrid of the two classes that is they have both components that define motor or sailing yachts.

Super yachts have amazing features including air conditioning, radio services, television services, electric lighting and navigation aids. Navigation aids found on this super yachts use GPS (Global Positioning Systems). Super yachts are automated with some containing computer controlled parts for example sails. Super yachts are manufactured to ensure those who use it are as comfortable as possible. This automation is enabled via electric equipment run by systems on the yachts which generate power.

super luxury yacht even contain hot water systems and refrigerators apart from water systems that are pressurized. Some super yachts contain generators that are either water or solar based. Some have auto pilot features apart from having echo – sounding and radar technology. Super yachts may have an extra engine whose function is to recharge batteries in the yacht. These yachts are made to have amenities that would support long stays aboard.

They also contain equipment for sports fishing. The factor that differentiates sailing and motor super yachts is basically their method of propulsion. For the sailing type, the method of propulsion is the use of wind and is therefore eco – friendly. Since wind is a natural resource that is renewable it is cheaper to use than the motor option. Motor yachts are run on an engine that uses the combustion process to propel the yacht.

The fuel used in motor based super yachts can either be diesel or gasoline with the amount needed being determined by its engine size. Some motor super yachts contain two engines. Hybrid super yachts that use both sailing and motor propulsion methods have the advantage of being suitable for all weather conditions.

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