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Luxury Super Yacht

Luxury Super Yacht
Yachts are seen as an expensive item that only the rich can afford to purchase for their private use. Though this has been true in the past few centuries, when the 20th century came around a new fashion in the yacht industry took over. In the beginning of the 20th century the wealthy began purchasing luxury super yachts for their own family fun and entertainment.

This type of larger yacht has become so popular that even though only a few people own them there is an industry that specializes is making and selling these enormous size yachts. These luxury super yachts range in size anywhere from 24 to 70 meters. As a result of their large size they do not have a port home though they must be registered.

With the luxury super yacht not being able to be docked anywhere for an extended amount of time the owner must have it out at sea with a professional crew tending to it year round. Depending on how large the super yacht is the owner will have anywhere from 8 to 20 crew members. The crew members will live on the yacht year round and take care it while waiting for the owner to sail.

The luxury super yacht is seen by many as something to be admired whether it is a sail or motorized yacht. This super yacht is definitely in a class by itself and with so few people owning one there is a high demand for them in the wealthy circle of people.

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