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Luxury Yacht Prices

The former super yacht owned by Tom Perkins has sold for $90 million dollars showing that luxury yacht prices are still high. The yacht, Maltese Falcon, was once billed as the world’s most technologically advanced yacht can be sailed by one man using a computer system. Most recently the yacht could be seen at the St Barth Bucket where it was awarded the best seamanship award. The luxury yacht, which can accommodate 12 guests along with a master suite, is owned by Elena Ambrosiadou, who made her money in super funds. The super yacht has a world’s record for crossing the Atlantic in ten days. The yacht has 15 sails and was built by Perini Navi in Italy.
That shipyard is busy building another super yacht, which will be 46 feet longer than the Maltese Falcon. The new super yacht, for which someone paid luxury yacht prices, will weigh 2,700 tons and may very well beat the Maltese Falcon’s ten day Atlantic crossing. No report has been released yet on who has commissioned the building of the yacht, which will be completed by next summer. The super yacht expected to cost more than $150 million will feature a new designed hull. The hull should allow the yacht to travel through the water faster while allowing guests inside to be more comfortable. The exact cost of this new yacht and who has commissioned it is a highly guarded secret.
Another similar yacht has already been commissioned, and will be completed in 2014. This new super yacht will have an even greater emphasis on guest comfort, especially in the swimming pool areas. Again, the exact cost of this super yacht and the person who commissioned it is a highly guarded secret. Luxury yacht prices seem to be remaining high despite the world economy.

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