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The first decision that needs to be made when booking a luxury yacht tenders is rather you want a monohull or a catamaran. Monohulls are built for speed, but the waves of the water are often felt more. This can sometimes lead to seasickness. On the other hand, catamarans do not have the speed, are more stable, and passengers are less likely to feel seasick.
The second decision that needs to be made is the size of the party. Furthermore, consider who will be in the party. This information will be used to determine the correct number of staterooms to book and the type of staterooms needed. Furthermore, consider what amenities the party will need.
The third decision that needs to be made is the length of the trip. Normally, luxury yachts are booked either for a day of fun or for a week of fun. Also consider when the traveler wants to make the trip and how much flexibility there is on those dates. Popular luxury yacht charters include the Caribbean in the winter, the Mediterranean in the summer. Popular new luxury yacht charters include New England in the fall and Alaska in the summer.
The final decision will be the budget. Make sure and include airfare where needed, marina and fuel charges. Make sure what is included in the luxury yacht rental, such as food and entertainment. Usually participants will need to pay for what they want to do in ports along the way in addition to tending the luxury yacht tenders.

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