Custom Boat Name Signs
Custom yachtsigns with or without LEDs, unique techniques, adapted to fit all our customer needs. Give your boat name a more

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Posted May 28, 2014 - 1:58 AM:

Belay there mate.You haven't tied a figure of eight in your jib sheet yet?Suggest you spend at least a month saiilng dingys.You will find saiilng schools on any saiilng river.Sail the coast first and keep at it until you don't need to think what to do in a Squall or Force Six.Learn how to read the coast line, first day and then night.Learn the local sand bars, withies etc.Think like a sailor-Get two of everything leading to trouble.Reefing handle, Bilge pump, Compass etc.Dogsbodies and boats?There is no dogsbody singular.Everyone inboard is expected to be one.How to get experience?If you are strong and fit, show intelligence and aptitude, you need no more than someone who is looking for crew.Don't bluff be honest and you won't have any problems.In five years time you will look on chartering in a different light.Oh in case I forget.Be constantly aware of the sea and the glass.That balmy swell will become mountainous waves in 30 minutes.
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