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Luxury Yacht Interiors

Luxury yachts, or super yachts, are usually very expensive, privately owned yachts. With a beautiful breathtaking exterior, the owners of these super yachts expect no less on the inside.

Using top of the line materials for everything from flooring to lighting, the designers of the the super yacht or luxury yacht interior have their work cut out for them. When considering flooring, one must keep in mind that there are certain flooring standards on watercraft. Flooring must comply to IMO and MCA certifications for marine objects. A yacht rug designer will understand these certifications.

When entering a luxury yacht, you might think you are in a house rather than on the water. For example on the Luxury Azimut Yacht you can grill your dinner at your very own barbeque bar counter, or throw a party in your own yacht jacuzzi. If you are a thrill seeker you can jump overboard from your very own diving board that is connected to the side of the yacht. The master living area on this yacht is called the stateroom. The stateroom features large port holes on each side of the yacht that allow in natural lighting.

All yachts are designed with the owners needs and tastes in mind. Whether you prefer old fashioned style or new shabby chic, a designer can be found to meet your needs. Afterall, a super yacht is not just a simple fishing boat, but is a modern sophisticated watercraft that many millionaires consider to be their home away from home.

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