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Luxury Yacht Charter Singapore

If you are looking to book a luxury yacht, there may be no better port of origin in the world than Singapore. Singapore is in the heart of southeast Asia, With Malaysia and Thailand to the north, and Indonesia to the south and southeast. If you don't mind sailing a little further, the Philippines and even Australia are all within sailing distance, for a full sized luxury yacht. Just make sure you stop off in Bali for a little R and R.

Singapore is an island nation, with access to all that southeast Asia has to offer. It also has a large number of luxury yachts you are able to charter privately. This allows you to visit where you want to visit, see what you want to see, and spend as much time you want in the desired locations. Southeast Asia has some of the best beaches and seafood in the world, and having your own yacht at your disposal is more than anyone could ask for.

Because the location is so perfect for the beginning of a voyage, it is important to book your vessel early. Other individuals are going to be looking to book the same package as you. Although it is still possible to hop on a public boating system in and around Singapore, this just isn't the same as venturing off on your own private yacht.

Make sure to inform the crew on the luxury yacht of your desired destinations and ideally how long you would like to stay. This gives them an idea of how long you need to rent the yacht for. It does take a while to sail, especially if you are making your way down to Bali or Australia (such as the country's Christmas Island). Once you know about how long the journey is going to take, the crew is able to give you an idea for how much it is going to cost. A private, luxury yacht is rather expensive, but if you can afford it, you are going to find it is the best way to travel, and nothing beats it.

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