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luxury motor yacht charter

luxury motor yacht charter
Travel the World on a Luxury Motor Yacht

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, picture in your mind’s eye traveling the world like so many before using your five senses and having the experience of a life time on a luxury motor yacht charter. Our planet is made up of seventy-one (71) percent water, for years the only means of travel around the world was by ship. Today most want to hurry up and get to their destination, they do not want to take the time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds them. We need to stop and smell the roses, or in this case smell the fresh sea air. Feel the breeze upon your face, the gentle roll of the ocean surface or see the beauty of the world laid out before you on the sapphire ocean.

Create the ultimate vacation by enjoying the finer things, and seeing firsthand the beautiful azure waterways in the Mediterranean or tour the Caribbean in luxury. Taste fresh sea bass or sword fish caught by your own hand and prepared by a master chef on a fully staffed luxury yacht, and the choice of going ashore hitting the beaches or enjoying the sun deck. Listen to the waves gently slapping the side of your cabin lulling you to sleep each night, the quiet sounds of the gulls talking with each other.

The crewed luxury motor yacht charter will take you to the parts only visible to those by sea, travel around Cape Fear or Cape Hope, experience the things those who have had the daring to explore the unknown. Use your senses, taste, touch, vision, hearing, and smell there is no better way to experience the unsurpassed freedom, elegance and style than on a luxury motor yacht.

You can travel with your friends and family, it is a matter of what is your pleasure, and one of the many crew members waiting on your request. Traveling on a luxury motor yacht charter is a vacation personalized and professional you have your senses assaulted by the heady scent of the sea air and the exquisite aroma of the cuisine prepared by your own personal chef, or gazing across the vast ocean at the beautiful sunset while sipping Champaign and eating strawberries. This is a memorable moment you can share with your friends, family and business associates on an absolute luxury vacation by traveling the oceans on a luxury motor yacht.

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