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Luxury Yacht Manufacturers

If you have an interest in luxury yachts, or are perhaps even looking to purchase one, it is wise to learn a little bit about some of the luxury yacht manufacturers. Researching various manufacturers can be an excellent way to gain further knowldege about the industry and learn which yacht sizes, features and styling may appeal to you. Here is a brief introduction to a few of the most recognized luxury yacht manufacturers.

One of the leading luxury yacht manufacturers is the Italian company Atlantis. Atlantis is widely known for producing yachts that are unique in their sleek, modern exterior and interior styling.

Another one of the major luxury yacht manufacturers is Lazarra Yachts, a company based in Florida that has been building luxury yachts for over 20 years. Lazarra has great appeal for many yacht buyers, as it is a family run company that has over 50 years experience in designing and building yachts. Lazzara is known for their revolutionary sport yacht designs, and currently produce models ranging from 64 feet to 116 feet in hull length.

One final luxury yacht manufacturer worth looking at is Fairline, a British yacht manufacturer that is widely heralded for their classic, luxurious designs. Fairline has a reptation for manufacturing yachts of unmatched quality, and has built over 12,000 yachts since the company's founding in 1963.

As you can clealry see, there are many luxury yacht manufacturers all across the world that are worth researching. In good economic times or bad, there is always a demand for these yachts, and there are numerous excellent companies filling that demand.

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