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What does the man who has everything, want for his yacht? …Something that nobody else has.

What does the man who has everything, want for his yacht? …Something that nobody else has.
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What does the man who has everything, want for his yacht?

...Something that nobody else has.

In a world of ever increasing expectations, the super rich want to see something

different. It’s not just about furnishing their yachts and properties using the big

designer brands anymore. The most discerning of customers want something truly

unique. For every element to be finely tuned, designed and considered

Fine dining is a fundamental part of entertainment and socialising on board, but even

us regular Joes enjoy a spot of fine dining nowadays, so how do we step it up a

notch for the super-rich?

Tableware of the highest quality can now be designed and produced to perfectly

match the customer’s interior.

Designers pull patterns and colours from the yacht itself or decoration onboard.

Perhaps there is a favourite painting or other artwork to inspire the tableware, or the

owner would like the yacht logo to be incorporated?

‘Laura Clemson- Fine Silverware, Tableware and Linens’, produce unique

designs for their customers, creating coordinating cutlery, crystal glassware, china

and accessories.

Laura Clemson’s craftsmen employ traditional techniques dating back to the 1700s

as well as modern 3D printing technologies to develop more contemporary designs,

so possibilities and styles are endless. All pieces are then produced to the highest

standards, by the finest of craftsmen in their specialist fields.

Demand for bespoke tableware is increasing, according to many luxury tableware

manufacturers, and is the ultimate finishing touch for the most discerning of clients.

“It might not seem obvious for an interior designer to consider the table as a

fundamentally important area of design on board, but guests spend hours dining and

socialising at the table, so it is hugely important for the table to be impressive and

original, as any yacht stewardess will tell you.” Laura Clemson, Owner ‘Laura

Clemson- Fine Silverware, Tableware and Linens’.

For more information regarding the possibilities of bespoke tableware and other

services offered by Laura Clemson- Fine Silverware, Tableware and Linens. Visit


Contact name: Laura Clemson

Company name: Laura Clemson- Fine Silverware, Tableware and Linens

Telephone number: +447818222968

Email address:

Web site address:

Laura Clemson specialises in fine silverware, tableware and linens for yachts and

luxury homes. The company works with over 100 luxury brands, offers a design

service for custom pieces and reconditions pre-owned silverware.

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